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Our services and experience include the following:

  • Planning & Development
  • Layout & Design
  • Work Drawings, Blueprints, Permits
  • Footings & Foundations
  • Structural Framing
  • Roof Building & Trusses
  • Removal of Load-bearing Walls
  • Beams & Columns
  • Insulation & Vapor Barrier
  • Drywall & Plastering
  • Custom Ceilings
  • Hardwood & Laminate Flooring
  • Wall & Floor Tiling
  • Backsplashes
  • Custom Tilework
  • Grouting
  • Rough-in & Finish Plumbing
  • Fixture & Appliance Installation
  • Custom Lighting
  • Demolition & Waste Disposal
  • Window & Door Replacement
  • Exterior Finish
  • Kitchen Relocation and/or Expansion
  • Basements
  • Basement Washrooms & Laundry Rooms
  • Custom Bars
  • In-law Suites
  • New Bathrooms
  • Bathroom Fixture Replacement
  • Painting & Wallpaper
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Cottage Openings & Closings
  • Cottage Repairs
  • Trimwork
  • Crown Moulding

We Respond To Emergencies

Planning & Design:

Concept has the capability to bring your intended project to life
with are state-of-the-art design software.

This gives you the opportunity to envision
your finished project before even lifting a hammer.

We can create scaled floor plans, elevation views and renderings.

Often times, customers need to submit plans to their municipality for permits.

We make that process easy, as we take care of everything.

We are here to facilitate the steps
you need to take in mobilizing your project.

The Process of Construction at Concept


Initial preliminary consultations are no charge.
We will set up an appointment with you, to discuss your intended projects and plans.

Once together, we discuss the many aspects of the project, including;
it's plausibility, affiliated costs, implementation, construction and management.

Usually after one meeting, you are much more aware of your possibilities,
and will now feel confident in making sound decisions regarding on
how best to bring your project forward.

We are always available to help guide you toward your intended goal.

Planning & Design:

If you have decided to move forward after initial consultation,
the next step is to prepare drawings.
This allows you, and us, to have a detailed and precise representation
of what you planned and imagined.

Most renovation projects will require drawings and technical specifications.
This also allows us, as the contractor to plan for proper construction methods,
do precise estimates, and have a reference for all the details of the job,
including measurements and specifications.

Proper planning and drawings will offer the best way
to develop and advance your project with no surprises.

At Concept, we strongly believe and emphasize this practice to all our clients.

With today's design software, one can easily see the final outcome
without ever having lifted a hammer.

Material Estimates:

The world of construction estimating is usually a time-consuming and involved process.

When a project is undertaken, it has always been prudent to know
as much as you can ahead of time.

From conception to completion; a detail of every expenditure is not only smart,
but will offer a quick and efficient way of keeping tabs on things as the job progresses.

As contractors, it is crucial that we keep up-to-date pricing
on virtually all construction materials.

This is done to not only give a more concise prelimenary estimate to the client,
but to allow self-contracting clients to shop around for better prices.

Labor Estimates:

Labor with most projects is usually planned by the contractor.
A lot of contractors relieve themselves of work and time on the jobsite
by sub-contracting most, if not all the work pertaining to the project.

At Concept, we believe that sub-contracting, although sometimes a necessity,
leads to ineffiency and miscommunication.
This usually causes the client frustration
and disappointment in their contractor.

At Concept, we always stay involved with the project from start to finish.
We are actually involved in doing the work.

Having our time and efforts dedicated to your project
allows us to be the most productive,
and guarantee the results you expect and that we demand.

Acquiring and Scheduling:

Acquiring and scheduling is an art in itself.
For every job, we are constantly dealing with
sub-trades, the clients, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.

At Concept, we challenge ourselves to be objective, open-minded and decisive.
We are continually dealing with the day's planning and advance.

You, the client will also be involved to help make decisions on several factors.
Materials, colors, fixtures, lighting, and style,
are all components of your involvement.

With outdoor projects, the weather sometimes has a hand in the day's activities.

At Concept, these are all variables that are planned for,
and dealt with regarding any project.

Job Site Preparation:

Preparing a jobsite takes planning and consideration.
Everything has to be considered that will or might affect
or impede the client's surroundings, and the progression of the job.

For the most part, furniture are usual items
that need to be moved, covered, or stored.
In tighter working conditions, it is sometimes more wise to
completely remove all contents of a room or area;
to allow space for men and equipment.

Preparations also need to be made to protect abutting areas to the workspace.
Dropsheets are the norm, as well as covering walls and
setting up exhaust fans to help control dust.
Areas are sometimes completely sealed with temporary walls of plastic
film that are dust protective.

At Concept, we believe that a clean jobsite is a safe jobsite.
We are conscious of the effect of renovation work.
We are highly organized with our methods of construction and our jobsite.
We always strive to make as little of a footprint on your home,
your surroundings, and Mother Nature.

Undergoing Construction:

The construction process is usually quite fluid.

Although every effort is made by Concept and you; the client,
to oversee that plans unfold as they should;
there are always situations that arise,
that need to be addressed, and dealt with properly.

Solving issues properly is one of the most important qualities of a contractor.
At Concept, we approach every issue with careful thought,
and always find the best solution.

With the high standards that we work by at Concept,
it is comforting to know that we always put forward
the best options for our clients at all times.

Finalizing a project:

Finalizing a project with Concept means a very happy time for our clients.

With the finishing touches made and all final issues addressed,
we can finally bring closure to your desired project.

It is a proud time where both parties can finally appreciate
the new changes that have finally been completed.

At Concept, we are always happy to see the final outcome.

We are glad to see your project completed and ready for your enjoyment,
and share in your excitement and satisfaction.

"Choosing Concept makes sense...because we make sense."

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